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Irritable bowel

Poor Circulation
Elevated Blood Pressure
Persistent cough
 Loss of appetite

All ailments only require 10mls of Extract daily in the morning before food.  Sometimes multiple doses can be used for nausea. We now have a testimonial page on our web site and would be grateful for any feedback.

We know it works!


Used for years in the fight against dysen-tery and gastroenteritis. Raspberry juice can eliminate the germs that carry these
infections. Acting on the digestive system, stomach and intestinal areas.
10ml of Raspberry Extract {undiluted} taken daily could eliminate these problems for you
Raspberries have also been noted for use as a cancer inhibitor.
Ellagic acid found in raspberries acts as a scavenger to cancer
cells making them in-active. In fact, raspberry juice is remark-
able for its ability to re-adjust the body’s own internal thermo-
stat, when taken for fever or sunstroke.
Raspberries also stop bloating and pain associated with Irrita-
ble Bowel Syndrome, period pain and to reduce the uterus after
Raspberries are a great antioxidant for the digestive system,
but also helps maintain a healthy immune system.
Blackberries are extremely rich in Vitamin E. This makes them useful in both the prevention and treatment
of heart and circulatory problems. They are also a good source of vitamin C, which makes them a strong
antioxidant, protective against cancers and infections.
Blackberry juice/extract is used for hypertension as research has shown that the high amount of potassium
in the juice will help to bring down elevated blood pressure.
Blackberry as an astringent has the ability to heal wounds by drawing skin tissues together. These berries
contain several important phytochemicals {natural occurring chemicals from plants} which research shows
may slow down the ageing process, boost the immune system and protect against chronic disease
Nutrionists tell us it’s antioxidants that are responsible for keeping us healthy and smart, and Blueberries
are the number one ranking in anti-oxidant activity, with B1, beta-carotene and potassium.
Blueberries contain the anti-bacterial anthocynacides, which have a tonic effect on blood vessels and make them a useful aid in the
treatment of cystitis and other urinary tract infections. Recent research has found the type of antioxidant in berries may delay
the onset of age related brain diseases such as Alzheimers.